About Us

Good food and good wine just a few steps from the Lazise lakefront. Welcome to AL MARCIAPIÈ!

Modern and welcoming environment, furnished with care, with a mise en place that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the place.

The passion for tradition has always led us to seek only the best products, fresh and controlled, to guarantee our dishes rich flavors and a genuine taste.

Our dining room manager will be pleased to welcome you and assist you with cordiality and professionalism to make you have a pleasant experience.

Indoor air-conditioned room and large outdoor terrace.

The Ristorante Pizzeria AL MARCIAPIÈ uses only quality products and this is 90% of our culinary secret!

Revisited and creative pizzas to be enjoyed in company and near the lakefront of Lazise.


Creative, elegant, well-assorted and always different, they are designed to satisfy all tastes!


Like any self-respecting restaurant, ours has a well-stocked cellar capable of accompanying and enhancing all dishes.